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May 06, 2020 - Sentient Media

Zoo Animals Are Always on Lockdown

Zoo Animals Are Always on Lockdown
Zoos = Animal PrisonFile Photo / © Photabulous!

Stories about lonely zoo animals who miss their human “friends” might bring levity to readers during this time of crisis. But they ignore the plight of the animals held captive inside.

An orangutan huddles in a glassed enclosure at the Phoenix Zoo, head in hands, facing away from a staffer wearing a facemask. A parrot squeezes their head between chain-link fencing at Orana Wildlife Park in New Zealand, the bird’s out-of-focus beak straining towards the camera lens. At the Bronx Zoo, a gelada monkey looks pensively off into the distance with slightly narrowed eyes.

If zoos and media outlets are to be believed, these animals are suffering from boredom and loneliness now that human visitors are missing from zoos, thanks to social distancing necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic.

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