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October 09, 2019 - Independent

Yes, I know you love bacon – but that's no excuse for the things we do to pigs

Yes, I know you love bacon – but that's no excuse for the things we do to pigs
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I wonder if people would allow the streaky snack to stand in the way of morality if they knew how intelligent and loving pigs are.

Pigs have huge emotional depth: they display trust, empathy, forgiveness, grief, fear, sorrow and joy. In one study they were observed displaying empathy for others who were happy or stressed. Pigs can dream and sing. In the wild they like to chase each other, play-fight, and roll down hills for fun. They show loyalty, and can remember someone they met as long as three years previously.

However, meat eaters spontaneously start justifying their continue to eat animals "Bacon, though…" Vegans have heard it a million times. For many carnists, bacon is the deal-breaker. I’ve lost count of the number of times someone has said to me: “I would go vegan, but I wouldn’t be able to live without bacon.”

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