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May 26, 2020 - One Green Planet

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Chicago Poultry Market after Hearing Animals Screaming and Crying

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Chicago Poultry Market after Hearing Animals Screaming and Crying
Frightened chicken, factory farmFile Photo / © Photabulous!

Chicago has a storied history of meatpacking and animal butchery. Most of those operations are far from the public's view. But in the hip Bucktown neighborhood, a new lawsuit has been filed against a local poultry operation. Meghan Boyles filed a lawsuit against her landlord, the owner of Ciales Poultry.

Boyles lives next door to the animal meat operation that regularly slaughters chicken, ducks and quail. Boyles claims she didn't know about the operations before she moved in, even with the owner as her landlord.

"I can hear the birds screaming and crying, it's miserable," Boyles said, "If I'm in my living room on the couch, I can hear it loud and clear which is why I put up this foam wall; but it barely works." The lawsuit claims the poultry operation is a public nuisance and violates a city ordinance that slaughter facilities must be 200 feet away from public residences.

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