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August 06, 2020 - AZcentral

Without action on climate change, heat is projected to become major global killer

Without action on climate change, heat is projected to become major global killer
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Climate change is bringing heat waves that are longer, more intense and more frequent, and some researchers predict that heat will take a worsening toll in human lives as temperatures continue to rise.

In a new study, a team of researchers found that without significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, extreme heat could become a major global killer by the end of this century, matching recent death rates for all infectious diseases combined, including tuberculosis, HIV and malaria.

Some experts questioned the findings. But the researchers projected that by 2100, in a scenario of unbridled planet-warming emissions, the risks of deaths due to higher temperatures would hit especially hard in the poorest and hottest parts of the world, including countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana and Sudan.

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