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January 14, 2021 - Equal Times

Will the pandemic change our relationship with nature and animals?

Will the pandemic change our relationship with nature and animals?
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During August 2020, anonymous activists tagged several French farms with messages such as “the global epidemic is due to animal slaughter”, “animal farming, the cradle of pandemics” and “the virus is speciesism”.

The authors of these slogans then set out their demands on specialised digital platforms. They stated, notably, that “the media continue to obscure the link between zoophagia and pandemics…[.] It is our duty to force them to make this link and to act accordingly. Because beyond the human victims of Covid-19, the victims of speciesism number in the trillions every year.” Finally they warned that other farms would be targeted and encouraged others to join their movement because: “You don’t win a war armed only with flowers”.

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