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December 04, 2020 - Faunalytics

Why Some Conservatives Are Anti-Vegan And Animal Welfare

Why Some Conservatives Are Anti-Vegan And Animal Welfare
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The backlash from omnivores against vegetarians often results from moral unease and preserving traditions and the social order. This study looks at how the process unfolds.

Piers Morgan’s adverse reaction to a vegan sausage roll from Britain’s largest bakery, Greggs, serves as an example of what carnivores consider the rise of political correctness in Western society. U.K. Grocery chain Tesco’s vegan sausage advertisement was attacked by reporter Janet Street-Porter as “Stalinist” and “nauseating.” These are just two examples of conservative, anti-vegan sentiment, but many advocates can give anecdotes outlining many more. In this study, authors looked at why meat-eaters resent vegetarians, and what these feelings say about them.

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