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April 06, 2020 - euronews

Why are women more likely to go vegan than men?

Why are women more likely to go vegan than men?
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There has been an extraordinary upsurge in the number of people deciding to go vegan over the past 10 years. What with concerns about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, combined with claims that the diet can be beneficial to our health, the number of vegans has doubled across Europe and the US.

One factor, however, seems to significantly increase our chances of abandoning animal products altogether. That factor is being a woman. In the UK, the Vegan Society found that twice as many women as men are vegan. It’s not just the UK though, with statistics showing an incredible 79 per cent of vegans in the US identify as female. Perhaps this isn’t a surprise as animal rights and feminism have long gone hand in hand, with activists seeing the refusal to eat meat as a form of rebellion against the patriarchal status quo.

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