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June 03, 2020 - PETA

Why Animal Rights Activists Must Stand Up for Black Lives

Why Animal Rights Activists Must Stand Up for Black Lives
Mural, memorial honoring George FloydVarious Artists

by Zachary Toliver

Fellow animal liberators, I come to you right now—as an exhausted Black man—asking for help working against systemic racism that threatens Black lives. I know personally how motivated you all are, as I am, in pushing for real change. We need to show that energy right now.

Those of us who are active in the animal rights movement have a reason for being powerful allies. If we truly believe in empathy and compassion for all living beings, we can show it today.

Those involved in the animal rights movement know all too well how frustrating it is for people to scoff at our message, even when we’re armed with evidence of blatant injustice.

Think how infuriating it is when videos of mother cows crying out for their stolen calves fall on deaf ears. Think of the frustration we feel when individuals try to justify the abuse when workers punch and mutilate sheep for wool. Or when vile commenters laugh when farmers slit the throats of conscious animals on farms.

VA: Mural Artists: Xena Goldman, Cadex Herrera, Greta McLain, Niko Alexander and Pablo Hernandez

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