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January 11, 2019 - Chefs Pencil

Where Veganism Was Most Popular Around the World in 2018

Where Veganism Was Most Popular Around the World in 2018
Credit: Simon Rae, Photo - Manly Beach, AustraliaFile Photo / © Photabulous!

Veganism is on a major rise world-wide and the days of meat eaters are slowly coming to an end.

And indeed, Google confirms the massive rise of veganism world-wide. In 2018, searches in the Veganism category, which comprises vegan-related searches made in any language (e.g. “veganism”, “vegan restaurants”, “vegan rezepte”), surpassed by a wide margin searches made in previous years. The popularity of vegan-related searches was 11% higher than 2017 and 35% higher compared to 2016.

We used Google Trends data to compare the popularity of veganism across the world.

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