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May 29, 2020 - The Humane League

What's more essential: workers' lives or meat on the table?

What's more essential: workers' lives or meat on the table?
We deserve betterCredit: The Humane League

The US meat industry is prioritizing profit over the lives of workers and animals.

Meat is not essential. Giant meat companies want you to believe that without them, our food supply will break.

On April 26th, Tyson Foods spent over a hundred thousand dollars touting that message, resulting in President Trump signing an executive order for meat plants to stay open, and new legislation was introduced to further protect companies from lawsuits. But this is just perpetuating the belief that we need meat when we don’t.

What’s more, we should not allow the meat industry to deem itself 'essential' at the expense of protecting workers and animals. In short, at the expense of lives.

While companies such as Tyson Foods, Smithfield Foods, and JBS are clinging to cries of "feeding the nation," the rest of the country is finally seeing just how broken our food system is.

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