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Animal Rights

February 07, 2021 - One Green Planet

What PETA Has to Say About Animals Euthanized at their Shelter

What PETA Has to Say About Animals Euthanized at their Shelter
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“Sorry, we’re full” is a line you’ll never catch the staff at PETA’s shelter uttering, and that means providing the final act of kindness that should be available to all dogs, cats, and other animals: euthanasia.

Since joining the PETA workforce nearly four years ago, I’ve learned that responsible, humane sheltering can’t exist without euthanasia. It’s a facet of PETA’s work that’s often referred to as “controversial,” but the fact that we offer free euthanasia services to prevent avoidable suffering is the aspect of the organization that I’m most proud of. And now, thanks in part to the release of the documentary Breaking the Chain, the concept that every animal deserves to be free of emotional and physical pain is being embraced by the public, too.

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