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September 17, 2020 - Country and Townhouse

What is human rewilding?

What is human rewilding?
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The notion that spending time outdoors is beneficial for health is nothing new – but its importance was certainly highlighted during lockdown. We cherished our daily exercise. We potted and pruned our gardens like never before. We rediscovered our local parks. We noticed wildlife that we’d previously never paid attention to.

So, it’s no surprise that post-lockdown there’s been a surge in nature-based wellness – or as the experts call it, rewilding. In the field of nature conservancy, the term is used to describe the process of allowing land to return to its natural state to restore and rebalance ecosystems – which you can read all about in our interview with environmentalist Isabella Tree. But in recent years, rewilding has made its way into the human health sphere too.

“Rewilding means looking to our natural world to reconnect to ways of living that are more in sync with our human biology,” says natural lifestyle coach Tony Riddle. “It’s looking at the conditions under which our ancestors lived and instead of viewing them as outdated, seeing them as the cornerstone of health and wellbeing, therefore looking for ways to integrate them into our modern lives.”

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