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February 16, 2021 - Animal Rights Center Japan

What are “efficient” sources of protein?

What are “efficient” sources of protein?
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There was a sign like this at MaxValu supermarket:

“Let’s get protein easily, efficiently, and deliciously!“
“How much protein is there per 100g of food?
Chicken thigh, chicken eggs, rice (pure white rice), tofu, milk”
“Protein required per day: ~50g (adult woman recommendation)”

This probably makes many consumers feel like they should eat more chicken and eggs.

However, in speaking of taking in protein efficiently, it would make more sense to compare the amount of protein per unit calorie, rather than “per 100g”. This is because while it doesn’t really matter how many grams of food we eat per day, but how many calories we should take in per day is roughly determined.

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