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June 12, 2019 - Quartz

Vegan pets sound bougie, but they might just save the Earth

Vegan pets sound bougie, but they might just save the Earth
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If American dogs and cats formed their own country, it would rank fifth in the world in meat consumption right after Russia, Brazil, the US and China, according to a 2017 study

The same study calculated the impact of pets’ diets on the climate as comparable to emissions from 13.6 million cars.

In late 2018, similarly concerning numbers were reported from Japan, where carbon emissions from dog and cat food exceed the total amount of emissions from countries such as Latvia and Cambodia.

[In a recent Shark Tank episode] some were shocked and outraged that billionaire Mark Cuban offered to invest $550,000 in Wild Earth. But research indicates that not only can a balanced vegan diet be perfectly healthy for dogs, but reducing our pooches’ meat consumption may be vital both for their sake, and for the planet’s.

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