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vegan news anti-speciest news animal rights news

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September 19, 2019 - Bustle

7 Hearty Vegan Stews To Get You Through Autumn & Winter

7 Hearty Vegan Stews To Get You Through Autumn & Winter
Vegan root vegetable soupFile Photo / © Photabulous

Good home comforts like a steaming bowl of autumnal soup or stew warm you up from the inside out.

Winter root vegetables like squash, carrots, and potatoes always go wonderfully in so many stews. Whether you're vegan and getting bored of the same old recipes, flexitarian brushing up on your plant-based cooking skills, or simply trying out Meat Free Mondays and need something comforting to take you through autumn, these tasty stews will keep you fuelled and cosy all season.

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