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January 17, 2020 - Readers Digest

What Would Happen If an Entire Country Suddenly Went Vegan?

What Would Happen If an Entire Country Suddenly Went Vegan?
Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFile Photo / © Photabulous

It would mean a whole lot more than just a change in diet.

If you know one thing about the food culture in Argentina, it’s probably that it involves a lot of beef. Not only is beef on the menu—it’s also embedded in the culture. Barbecue gatherings called asados, during which different cuts of meat are grilled, are as much about socializing as they are about eating. That’s why a new survey by the country’s Institute for the Promotion of Beef is so shocking: According to the findings, six out of ten Argentines are considering going vegan. That would be a staggering figure in any country, but in Argentina, where beef is king (and queen and the rest of the court), it’s huge.

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