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October 06, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

Vegan food at weddings expected to be big trend for 2020

Vegan food at weddings expected to be big trend for 2020
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Rapid growth in veganism and those embracing plant-based eating, particularly the millennial generation, is a main contributor to the growing trend for vegan food being served at weddings.

When it comes to food, vegan and free-from menus will grow, as opposed to your usual fish or meat choices, says Hamish Shephard founder of told Heart. "Even couples who aren’t themselves vegans are more empathetic than ever before, and they are keen to cater for guests with all dietary requests." Also on the rise are more informal eating arrangements like grazing tables and buffet spreads and dedicated food stations, so you won’t be lumped with a stuffy three-course dinner.

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