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September 18, 2020 - Feed Stuffs

USA: Oklahoma 'fake meat' labeling law challenged

USA: Oklahoma 'fake meat' labeling law challenged
Updog (vegan hotdog)Credit: Upton's Naturals (Chicago USA)

The Plant Based Foods Assn. (PBFA), the trade association representing more than 170 plant-based food companies, and Upton’s Naturals -- a small, independently owned maker of plant-based foods based in Chicago, Ill., and a founding board member of PBFA -- joined forces with the Institute for Justice (IJ) to file a federal lawsuit challenging a new Oklahoma food labeling law as a violation of the First Amendment.

During the 2020 Oklahoma legislative session, Rep. Toni Hasenbeck (R.) and Sen. Micheal Bergstrom (R.) authored HB 3806, which addresses labeling alternative, or "fake," meat products. The new law in Oklahoma, which takes effect Nov. 1, 2020, requires that a company include a disclaimer on its label as large and prominent as the product’s name stating that the food is plant based.

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