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November 21, 2020 - Physicians Committe for Responsible Medicine

USA: Nebraska Governor Targeted With Eye-catching Billboards

USA: Nebraska Governor Targeted With Eye-catching Billboards
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Doctors group files complaint demanding that state authorities repurpose slaughterhouses and promote plant protein.

Two billboards that directly address Governor Ricketts will be installed the week of Nov. 23 near the governor’s residence, and they will remain posted until Dec. 20. The illuminated billboards are located at 25th and Randolph Streets and at 1501 South Street, close to both the residence and the state capitol. Sponsored by the Physicians Committee—a national nonprofit of 12,000 doctors, including Nebraska physicians Amanda McKinney, MD, Jean L. Grem, MD, FACP, and 32 others in the state—the billboards confront the governor with the message, “Governor Ricketts: Can Nebraska Switch to a Safer Food Supply Like Beans Over Beef?!”

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