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October 10, 2020 - NBC News

USA: Nearly 10,000 minks die after Covid-19 outbreak at Utah fur farms

USA: Nearly 10,000 minks die after Covid-19 outbreak at Utah fur farms
Mink enslaved on speciesist fur farm© Photabulous!

Thousands of farmed minks in Utah have died of Covid-19, forcing affected sites to quarantine as the state veterinarian investigates the outbreak.

Nearly 10,000 minks — creatures known for their luxurious, silky pelts — have died in the past two weeks at nine fur farms in Utah, as of Friday morning, Dean Taylor, state veterinarian, told NBC News. The virus was discovered among the animals in the U.S. earlier in August, shortly after ranch workers tested positive, he said.

Taylor said that while research suggests people with Covid-19 can infect animals, transmission the other way around is “considered low.” “All of the research indicates there hasn’t been a spread from minks to humans,” Taylor said.

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