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June 15, 2019 - The Vegan Authority


UK's first 100% vegan hotel opens in Scottish Highlands

UK's first 100% vegan hotel opens in Scottish Highlands
Saorsa 1875, Pitlochry, ScotlandFile Photo / © Photabulous!

Situated in Pitlochry, Scotland and ensconced by 2 acres of natural woodlands and gardens, Saorsa 1875, offers vegans, vegetarians and the "plant-curious" a getaway entirely free from animal products from check-in to departure.

Launched by Jack McLaren-Stewart with his business partner and mother, Sandra, it is a unique hotel dedicated to showcasing ethical luxury. Both are long-term vegetarians who became vegan about five years ago.

Owners of Saorsa 1875, Jack McLaren-Stewart, Sandra McLaren-Stewart
Owners of Saorsa 1875, Jack McLaren-Stewart, Sandra McLaren-Stewart Image by: (CC BY)

The hotel balances the building's Victorian Gothic origins with modern amenities to offer a unique experience. "We wanted to create a space where everybody - vegans and otherwise - can come together to celebrate the incredible innovation and diversity that we're seeing across the movement. This isn't about abstinence or sacrifice, it's an environment where guests can experience amazing food, drink and design that doesn't come at the expense of our fellow animals", says co-founder and C.E.O, Sandra McLaren-Stewart.

"But as you start to come into the Highlands it becomes progressively hard to be vegan. At best you get one vegetarian option on a menu. This is about giving people the opportunity to come to a beautiful place and not feel like they have to compromise at all", Jack said.

He is keen to attract the "plant-curious" as well as committed vegans and vegetarians. "When you become vegan and throw yourself into the movement you discover it is really vibrant and there are so many people doing these amazing innovative things.

"We really wanted to have a place that showcased that, and that other people can come to. We don't have a doorman checking if you're vegan or you're not coming in. But maybe coming with your partner who is not vegan, or a couple who think we've heard so much about it let's give it a try," Jack told The Guardian.

The Victorian-era baronial house, built in 1875, underwent a complete refurbishment in response to changing consumer values.

  • The dining and food and libation offerings are 100% vegan always.
  • The hotel is entirely powered using Britain's greenest energy (and Vegan Society certified) company, Ecotricity.
  • All housekeeping uses eco-friendly products including Method's range of nature inspired, non-toxic and non-animal-tested cleaning products. - All toiletries are certified cruelty free and vegan.
  • The minibar offers a variety of locally-sourced, vegan treats as well as indulgences from well-known brands. 
Hotel Room at Saorsa 1875
Hotel Room at Saorsa 1875 Image by: (CC BY)

Launched in November 2018, Saorsa Group Ltd are setting a new benchmark in ethical hospitality with their flagship hotel, Saorsa 1875. Proudly owned and operated by vegans, the brand is dedicated to showcasing the benefits of a vegan lifestyle not only to people but the planet and the animals.

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