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August 04, 2020 - Hull Live

UK: East Riding Council approve intensive farm for 76,000 chickens

UK: East Riding Council approve intensive farm for 76,000 chickens
Enslaved chickens on intensive farmCredit: ALDF

An intensive chicken farm in Wressle has been unanimously approved by East Riding Council planning committee. But approval for the farm came as campaigners raised concerns over disease and blasted what they call "outdated" laws.

Jane Tredgett, head of the Humane Being NGO, said rules needed to change to reflect growing concerns over zoonotic diseases, those that originate from animals such as coronavirus.

The campaigner told East Riding councillors on the Planning Committee that World Health Organisation (WHO) figures stated six out of 10 known infectious diseases spread from animals to humans. She added keeping 76,000 broiler chickens in two roughly 102 by 20 metre units as stated in the application, could result in diseases spreading "rapidly".

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