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August 06, 2019 - One Green Planet

Trying Ketogenic Or Ketotarian Diets As a Vegan

Trying Ketogenic Or Ketotarian Diets As a Vegan
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Ketotarian combines the ketogenic diet and vegetarian diet. Therefore, there’s still a slight bit of tweaking to make it fully vegan.

With that said, the ketotarian diet goes a long way to making a traditional keto diet almost 100 percent plant-based and eco-conscious and much easier for vegan dieters to follow. One of the main components of a vegan-specific ketotarian diet is lots of non-starchy veggies. These foods will fill your tummy without adding on those unwanted carbohydrates that will kick you out of ketosis. Artichokes are a great non-starchy, filling, and meaty option!

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