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October 10, 2020 - The Global and Mail

To end Canada's hidden horsemeat trade, it must be exposed

To end Canada's hidden horsemeat trade, it must be exposed
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At Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart in Manitoba, owners of farmed animals unload their unwanted stock for slaughter. By and large, the lots are made up of cows. But sometimes, says animal advocate Jen Allen, there are horses – many of them former pets or racehorses.

Ms. Allen has become a regular at these auctions, where she performs “proxy bidding” on behalf of families who want to give these horses a second chance at life. Those she can’t re-home, end up at her sanctuary, The Good Place. If she didn’t buy them, she says, all “would have went to Alberta. It’s the meat buyer or me.”

Canadians are generally aware of the expansive and remote Albertan feedlots where cows are housed before becoming the beef that is the pride of the province. But Alberta is also home to a different kind of livestock trade, worth tens of millions of dollars, and one of the few still in existence in the world today: the horsemeat industry. It is fuelled in large part by breeders and dealers in Alberta, and works largely in the dark to ship horsemeat to Quebec, Asia and Europe.

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