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Animal Rights

June 10, 2020 - Matador Network

These US towns picked animals over humans for mayor

These US towns picked animals over humans for mayor
Goat, mayoral candidate© Photabulous!

Showing up to your local polling station is (hopefully) a pretty familiar experience. You check in at the desk, head over to the cubicle-style tables, pick up a pen, and struggle to remember the positions of each candidate before filling in the black circle.

It’s an important decision, and some US towns aren’t taking any chances. Instead of leaving the mayoral position to a fallible human, they’re going with a ringer. In several places across the nation, the venerable title of “mayor” belongs to cats, goats, dogs, and other trustworthy animals. In these towns, showing up to vote and seeing “Brynneth Pawltro,” the socially-progressive pitbull, on the ballot, isn’t just a fun novelty — it’s part of their electoral tradition. In these quirky US towns, the mayor doesn’t just claim to be man’s best friend — it actually is.

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