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January 13, 2021 -

There is nothing cosy about a ‘kraambox’: animal rights group

There is nothing cosy about a ‘kraambox’: animal rights group
Female Pig, Imprisoned in Kraambox (AKA: Farrowing Crate, Gestation Crate)© Photabulous!

Kraambox (maternity box) has been declared euphemism of the year by animal welfare organisation Wakker Dier.

The word kraambox conjures up images of new born babies and fluffy toys but in reality refers to the practice of severely constricting sows’ movements until their young are weaned, the organisation said.

‘It sounds very cosy and cuddly but in reality a kraambox is a steel cage with a hard floor in which the sow is kept for an average of four weeks after giving birth without being able to move except to stand and lie down,’ spokeswoman Anne Hilhorst said.

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