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November 23, 2020 - Mens Health

The Truth About Immunity 'Boosting' Vitamin C Supplements

The Truth About Immunity 'Boosting' Vitamin C Supplements
Oranges, good natural sources of Vitamin C© Photabulous!

The coronavirus COVID-19 has spiked the sales of vitamin C products.

If you look at the advertising behind some of these pills and potions, you'll see language that reads kind of like this: Vitamin C is a super-nutrient, one that boosts your immunity. People have been taking C to stop colds and flus for years, so it’s proven. So why not take a supplement to protect against diseases—especially during the fall and winter months?

Some supplements, unfortunately, even go as so far to hint that they may stave off COVID-19.

While it's true that vitamin C does have some powerful health benefits— it’s just that preventing colds and the flu (let alone COVID) isn’t one of them.

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