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August 11, 2020 - Wild Things Initiative

The Trophy Hunting Industry’s Latest Tone-Deaf Argument About Racial Inequality

The Trophy Hunting Industry’s Latest Tone-Deaf Argument About Racial Inequality
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In their latest marketing ploy, the trophy hunting industry co-opted the Black Lives Matter movement to fight California’s proposed trophy hunting import ban. Apparently, discouraging rich white Americans from hunting African wildlife is racist against poor black communities (queue The Twilight Zone theme music).

Are we seriously expected to forget that the Barrack Obama, the first black president of the United States, passed legislation banning certain lion and elephant trophy hunting imports? Or that the administration under Donald Trump, the most racist president of the United States in recent years, reversed those bans?

We need to be honest here. Today’s version of African trophy hunting differs little from a century ago when colonial royalty would spend lavish holidays hunting native African wildlife with the help of black servants on land owned by white people.

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