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November 22, 2020 - Times of Malta

The power of antioxidant repair mechanisms to prevent cancer

The power of antioxidant repair mechanisms to prevent cancer
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Carcinogens are defined as mutagens in a variety of forms, that may cause cancer either due to alterations or irreversible damage within the cell’s DNA, or else due to other external factors which may affect hormones or organic compounds.

Carcinogens can be classified into the following sub-groups:

1) Biological carcinogens: these may include infections caused by viruses like the Epstein barr virus, the hepatitis B virus and the human T-cell leukemia virus;

2) Chemical carcinogens: these consist of chemical substances that may either be found in the foods we eat on a daily basis, as well as in other harmful chemi­cal compounds such as alcohol, and tobacco smoke, which contains tar and carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and ammonia, among others.

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