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August 07, 2020 - Well and Good

The Plant-Based Movement Provides One Solution for People’s Growing Climate Anxiety

The Plant-Based Movement Provides One Solution for People’s Growing Climate Anxiety
Groceries, including plant-based meats Credit: Impossible Foods

In late 2019, Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD, founder and executive director of The Climate Mobilization, basically blew our minds with a radical—yet liberating—suggestion. She said that climate anxiety is actually a good thing, because it has the power to spur individual action that creates a notable difference in making the Earth a healthier place to live.

It’s a good thing, too, because environmental studies professor Dale Jamieson, PhD, of New York University, says that in his experience, the emotional connection to the planet (one brought on by climate anxiety) is only growing stronger.“Very recently, some line has been crossed from climate change being an important intellectual issue to being a real issue of the heart.”

There are so many ways to act on, and thus mitigate, this extremely-2020 “chronic fear,” but what we choose to eat has come to the forefront of the conversation in the last decade. Google searches for “plant-based eating”—the term used to describe a diet sourced mainly from plants—have been consistently on the rise as people become more aware of the environmental repercussions of the meat industry.

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