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May 26, 2020 - Well and Good

The One Ingredient Even Healthy Eaters Forget to Add to Their Smoothies, According to an RD

The One Ingredient Even Healthy Eaters Forget to Add to Their Smoothies, According to an RD
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Experimenting with smoothie-making is a right of passage for the wellness curious. Some people get super into it and the blender becomes their most beloved kitchen tool, used every morning for breakfast or afternoon for post-workout fuel. For others…not so much. Their blender gets put out of reach so there’s more space on the kitchen counter for their Instant Pot or air fryer, with the blender only pulled out on special occasions.

However often you fire up your blender, chances are that you’ve come across the common problem of your smoothie just not being as filling or satisfying as a meal. For some, that’s literally the reason why their blender was banished from the kitchen counter in the first place. According to Right Balance Nutrition founder and registered dietitian Jen Laurence, RD (who, full disclosure, is also my aunt), smoothies can be a nutritious, satiating meal replacement if you structure them like a meal, which she says many people don’t do.

“When I ask people how they make their smoothies, some tell me that they put in a whole banana, a cup of berries, an apple, and other foods, which is not how they would set up their plate,” Laurence says. “The key is to structure your smoothie like you would a plate.” Basically, if it doesn’t contain the normal nutritional elements of a lunch or dinner, there’s no way it’s going to be as satisfying as a meal on its own.

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