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February 07, 2019 - Quartz

The human appetite for meat is driving Earth’s largest animals to extinction

The human appetite for meat is driving Earth’s largest animals to extinction
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The biggest immediate threat to Earth’s largest animals isn’t the changing climate—it’s humans killing them directly. And while some of that killing is at the hands of poachers, the majority of it is being done to satisfy the human craving for meat and alternative medicines, according to new research published in the journal Conservation Letters.

In each class of megafauna with the exception of reptiles, the number one reason they are being directly killed by humans was for their meat. The primary reason humans kill large reptiles is for their eggs, the data show. Other leading reasons humans are killing these animals is for medicinal use, for their fur and fins, and unintentionally (such as sharks getting caught in fishing nets).

VA: In terrestrial zoology, megafauna are large or giant animals. Elephants are megafauna, as are giraffes, whales, cows, deer, tigers, and even humans.

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