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December 10, 2018 - Haaretz

The Horror of Live Animal Transport to Israel

The Horror of Live Animal Transport to Israel
We Animals, Jo-anne McarthurFile Photo / © Photabulous!

JoAnne McArthur is a Canadian photographer who’s won many awards for documenting the relationship between humans and animals. Half a year ago she came to Israel as a guest of an animal rights group called Israel Against Live Shipments. She accompanied Israel Against Live Shipments activists to ports, quarantine depots, calf-fattening farms and cowsheds, taking pictures as she went along. She photographed the piles of carcasses of calves that had died en route or after arrival, including the yellow ear tags, which was all that remained in some cases.

VA: Creator of the We Animals project, JoAnne McArthur, has been documenting the plight of animals on all seven continents for over a decade, by photographing animals in the human environment. The photo shown above illustrates how animal agriculture depends upon the exploitation of billions of animals every year. We Animals notes that "On factory farms, we dictate their lives and their deaths, reducing them to mere numbers by an ear tag or by the branding on their backs."

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