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July 12, 2020 -

The beginners guide to dairy-free milk alternatives

The beginners guide to dairy-free milk alternatives
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Last year, research carried out by Mintel found that a quarter of us regularly consume non-dairy milk alternatives. But as more and more products hit the market, there are huge differences in quality when it comes to adding a splash to your morning coffee.

Highly processed, additive-laden versions of such ‘milks’ abound. Four years ago, a false advertising lawsuit was filed against the makers of a brand of almond milk called Almond Breeze by consumers upset over the fact that it only contained a shocking 2% of almonds.

But each year, more well-considered, organic, and fantastic tasting milk alternatives are hitting supermarket shelves. We spoke to Nutritionist Kim Pearson about the differences and most importantly, which one makes the best cappuccino.

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