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July 06, 2020 - Well and Good

The 8 best herbs and spices for brain health, according to a doctor and a neuroscientist

The 8 best herbs and spices for brain health, according to a doctor and a neuroscientist
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Of all the things to worry about in the world right now, you’d be forgiven if dementia—aka the loss of cognitive function—failed to make the top of your list. However, dementia is on the rise in the U.S; its most prevalent form, Alzheimer’s disease, is now the sixth-leading cause of death.

So while you shouldn’t add this to an increasingly ceaseless inventory of things-which-prevent-sleep, it can’t hurt to ever-so-slightly tweak your diet to be more brain health-centric.

Simply put, this means eating more plants, and that includes spices and herbs for brain health. While research is still fairly early stage, Gary W. Small, M.D., director of the UCLA Longevity Center, says that existing studies so far suggest that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of certain plants can positively affect brain health.

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