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January 10, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

Survey: 34% of Americans will strive to eat more plant-based foods in 2019

Survey: 34% of Americans will strive to eat more plant-based foods in 2019
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The pursuit of health and wellness, was a motivating factor for 40% of the 1200 US adults surveyed to make a diet or lifestyle change for the new year, which for many included eating more plant-based foods.

The poll conducted by YouGov, a data company, on behalf of the dairy free food brand Kite-Hill last November, revealed that roughly a third (34%) would consider including more plant-based foods into their diet as a means of achieving their resolutions.

Additional findings showed that 51% expressed an interest in trying plant-based products with an overwhelming 80% of respondents indicating flavor was an important factor affecting their decision to try plant-based foods. When specifically asked about yogurt and cream cheese made from almond milk, 51% expressed an interest.


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