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January 09, 2021 - My Modern Met

Study Finds That 4-Month-Old Ravens Are as Intelligent as Adult Apes

Study Finds That 4-Month-Old Ravens Are as Intelligent as Adult Apes
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Ravens are fascinating birds. The sleek black creatures with sharp beaks are mentioned in the Old Testament, Native American historical traditions, and Edgar Allen Poe's famously haunting poem The Raven.

One reason ravens have long fascinated is their obvious intelligence. They are known to hoard and use objects as tools, and to work in pairs to find food. However, until recently, avian intelligence received much less scholarly attention than that of the great apes. A new study published in Scientific Reports is seeking to broaden approaches to studying animal cognition by focusing on ravens. Remarkably, the researchers discovered that ravens as young as 4 months old can perform as well on cognitive tests as adult orangutans and gorillas.

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