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May 27, 2020 - Science Daily

Similar to humans, chimpanzees develop slowly

Similar to humans, chimpanzees develop slowly
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Chimpanzees need more than five years to acquire key skills

Few species develop as slowly as humans, both in terms of developing adult skills and in terms of brain development. Human infants are born so underdeveloped that they cannot survive without adult care and feeding for some years after birth. Children still need to learn fundamental skills such as walking, eating, talking, using tools and much more. The timing of when these developmental milestones emerge is used by doctors to determine if your child and your child's brain are developing normally. However, we know little about the timing of when motor and social developmental milestones emerge in other long-lived, closely-related species, such as chimpanzees; nor what this means for their brain development. For example, when do chimpanzees start to walk, feed themselves, groom others and use tools? Fully charting development milestones in wild chimpanzees and other species can help us understand the evolutionary basis of such extended developmental periods

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