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October 16, 2018 - DW

Should there be a 'meat tax' to fight climate change?

Should there be a 'meat tax' to fight climate change?
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Despite the dire warnings about the meat industry's catastrophic impact on the climate, some consumers feel it's just too difficult to cut out their long-held carnivorous habits — that is, if they even want to. When meat is so cheap in many countries, there's even less incentive to try. 

But the low prices found on supermarket shelves mask meat's hidden costs. Research has revealed that meat is being sold to consumers at just a fraction of what it would cost if it accurately reflected the true value of the environmental damage it inflicts.

VA: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) suggested that Governments should eliminate meat industry subsidies and tax meat production in order to reduce the global rise in consumption and the environmental damage that goes with it, according to Prof Maarten Hajer, the lead author of an 2016 International Resource Pane (IRP) report into the impact of food production and the environment.

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