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April 28, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

Sentience Institute estimate 99% of US farmed animals live in factory farms

Sentience Institute estimate 99% of US farmed animals live in factory farms
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Chickens top the list in the US of sentient animals being raised only to be killed for their meat, with the vast majority (99.9 percent) raised living on factory farms, according to a report released this month by animal advocacy think tank Sentience Institute (SI).

By species, SI estimated that 70.4 percent of cows, 98.3 percent of pigs, 99.8 percent of turkeys, and 98.2 percent of egg-laying hens are raised on factory farms. “Based on the confinement and living conditions of farmed fish, we estimate that virtually all US fish farms are suitably described as factory farms, though there is limited data on fish farm conditions and no standardized definition,” reported author Jacy Reese, Sentience Institute Co-Founder and Research Director.

In their report "Survey of US Attitudes Towards Animal Farming" 58% of US adults think “most farmed animals are treated well,” despite over a decade of undercover investigations in the US and USDA data suggesting over 99% of farmed animals live on factory farms.

This would suggest that either we have insufficient awareness of factory farming, or people have refused to accept the evidence, perhaps due to a cognitive dissonance with their own eating habits.

But there is some hope in survey responses that the population can migrate increasingly to a plant-based diet.

54% of US adults say they are “currently trying to consume fewer animal-based foods (meat, dairy, and/or eggs) and more plant-based foods (fruits, grains, beans, and/or vegetables).”

49% of US adults support a ban on factory farming, 47% support a ban on slaughterhouses, and 33% support a ban on animal farming suggesting that animal-free food alternatives might be able to make further inroads, especially as the number of products and exposure of same increase.

SI arrived at its figures using data from 2017 released by the United States Department of Agriculture earlier this month.


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