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January 29, 2019 - BBC News

SeaWorld Orlando orca whale Kayla dies after illness

SeaWorld Orlando orca whale Kayla dies after illness
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Kayla, who was born in captivity in Texas in 1988, was one of 20 whales still housed at the company's parks.

The US government estimates that female orcas typically live around 50 years, but can live to be as old as 80 or 90 in the wild. Animal rights groups have long argued that those in captivity have a far shorter life expectancy.

SeaWorld has faced growing pressure over its killer whale programme since it became the focus of a documentary, Blackfish, in 2013.

VA: A captive killer whale at SeaWorld is confined to a tank with a depth of 35 feet (11 meters), whereas an orca in the wild will dive up to 525 feet (160 meters) according to dive data recorded by Cascadia Research Collective and reported by PETA’s SeaWorld of Hurt campaign. The collapsed dorsal fin shown above is considered a sign of an injured or unhealthy orca and is it rarely seen in the wild.

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