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May 09, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

Polish animal activists work to save herd of wild cows

Polish animal activists work to save herd of wild cows
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A group of 170 feral cows are the focus of local authorities and animal rights activist as they try to spare their lives after a court ordered them to be slaughtered.

Agriculture Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski reaons "the herd did not receive veterinary care, has been in-breeding and become a nuisance and danger to residents of rural Deszczno", reported The Washington Post. Deputy Governor Aleksander Szperka is looking for farmers or organizations that would be able to take care of some of the animals.

No details were provided as to how these cows came to be found in the wild.

One determined bovine now living in the wild in Poland, comes to mind. Early last year, a cow made a run for it and escaped as slaughterhouse workers tried to load her onto a lorry on the farm where she was raised. "She then ran into the nearby Lake Nysa in south Poland close to the border with the Czech Republic and appeared to dive underwater, before swimming over to an island, which has become her new home," reported Sky News.

The farmer in question, tried to get her back but eventually succumed to her will to live and now cares for her on the island, making sure she has enough food.

"I am not a vegetarian, but fortitude and the will to fight for this cow's life is invaluable.

"Therefore, I have decided to do everything to get the cow delivered to a safe place and, as a reward for her attitude, guarantee her a long-term retirement and natural death."


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