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October 07, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

Planetwide Rebellion to fight climate emergency

Planetwide Rebellion to fight climate emergency
Credit: Extinction Rebellion - Facebook

As dawn broke today, many thousands of people from around the world, from London to Sydney entered a new phase of Rebellion against planetary inaction on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

The message from Extinction Rebellion (XR) is simple and straight forward. Business as usual is not working. The world is unprepared for the danger our future holds. We face floods, wildfires, extreme weather, crop failure, mass displacement and the breakdown of society. The time for denial is over. There is no Plan(et) B. The government doesn’t have one. The world's ecosystems in which we live are all incredibly fragile. It is time to act.

Conventional approaches of voting, lobbying, petitions and protest have failed because powerful political and economic interests prevent change. Non-violent rebellion, disruptive civil disobedience is needed.

"We have tried petitions, lobbying and marches, and now time is running out," Australian activist Jane Morton told the AFP news agency."We have no choice but to rebel until our government declares a climate and ecological emergency and takes the action that is required to save us."

Extinction Rebellion is calling all governments to take immediate and drastic action to address climate change and on every citizen to look inside themselves and recognise this moment and understand their own power. All rebels are asked to take responsibility and be accountable during protests. The rebels agreement includes: "show respect to everyone, - to each other , the general public and to the government and police" and "engage in no violence, physical or verbal and carry no weapons".

Some highlights and developments from a few cities around the world were reported by BBC. In Sydney, protesters staged a sit-in on a main road. Hundreds were pulled away from the scene and 30 of them were charged. Australians have also been protesting in Melbourne and Brisbane. A few activists were arrested in New Zealand, after surrounding the government building in Wellington that houses the ministry granting oil and gas drilling permits. Fifty people were arrested in Amsterdam after they erected a tent camp on the main road outside the Rijksmuseum, the Dutch national museum. Berlin saw rebels block traffic but authorities have so far refrained from making arrests for the time being. Paris saw 1,000 activists backed gilets jaunes, have reportedly occupied a shopping centre.

Protests by climate change activists are expected in some 60 cities over the next two weeks.

Read more at Extinction Rebellion.

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