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May 14, 2019 - Economy

Pets are property. Should they be?

Pets are property. Should they be?
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Some animal rights orgs say possessing animals is immoral.

People tend to talk about their pets like they’re humans: 90 percent of Brits describe their animal companion as “part of the family”. But from a legal perspective, that’s simply untrue. Unlike real family members - unlike any human in fact - pets are considered items of property, which means they can be legally owned and their owner can do pretty much whatever they wish with them.

Of course there are some rules when it comes to pet ownership. In the UK, the Animal Welfare Act (2007) prohibits outright cruelty and mandates that pet owners meet the animal’s basic needs. But that still leaves pet owners with an amount of control over their animal that would be unthinkable if they were human.

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