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October 17, 2020 - Radio Canada International

Overuse of antibiotics in animals seen as dangerous to public health

Overuse of antibiotics in animals seen as dangerous to public health
Chickens suffering on factory farmsCredit: Animal Equality

Bacteria are increasingly becoming resistant to antibiotics through their overuse on farms and the resulting superbugs are getting into the human food chain and the environment.

About 700,000 people people around the world die every year from infections that cannot be treated by antibiotics, according to the charity, World Animal Protection. It is calling on governments in Canada and around the world to recognize the link between the wellbeing of people, animals and the environment and to take action to stem the overuse of antibiotics on farm animals.

The Canadian government has ruled that as of December 2018, farmers need to get a prescription to get antibiotics for their animals. But the charity cites a government report showing that it is still common for antibiotics to be given to farm animals to prevent rather than treat disease.

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