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October 03, 2019 - Psychology Today

On World Day for Farmed Animals, Let's Honor Who They Are

On World Day for Farmed Animals, Let's Honor Who They Are
Credit: Antonio Grosz

Animals raised for food, including fishes and other aquatic animals, are intelligent and sentient, feeling beings. The amount of pain and suffering these animals endure is incalculable.

When someone eats animals and animal products, they're consuming a good deal of pain and suffering. Dairy animals also deeply suffer when they're used and abused as "milk machines."

Over 150 million animals are killed for food around the world every day. Including wild-caught and farmed fishes, we get a daily total closer to 3 billion animals killed. When fishes and other water animals are thrown into the equation—billions of these sentient beings also are farmed animals—the number easily swells to trillions of animal beings killed each year.

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