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April 07, 2020 - Rolling Stone

On the Eve of Extinction

On the Eve of Extinction
Puffin, endangeredFile Photo / © Photabulous!

Global warming has set off a cascade of disruptions to the web of life, changing animals’ breeding habits, food supply, and their very DNA. They are in distress not only from climate instability but also from the loss of habitat and pollution produced by unchecked human consumption.

In the past century, species have been wiped out at a pace 100 times greater than the natural rate of extinction, and as many as 1 million species are at risk of going extinct in the coming decades, according to a United Nations report released last spring. There is perhaps no better bellwether of the peril we face than this dwindling biodiversity. “The evidence is crystal clear,” said Sandra Díaz, one of the co-chairs of the U.N. report. “Nature is in trouble. Therefore, we are in trouble.”

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