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December 01, 2019 - THE VEGAN AUTHORITY

November Top 10 Stories - The Vegan Authority

November Top 10 Stories - The Vegan Authority
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Every day THE VEGAN AUTHORITY, with the help of GruntEngine, searches thousands of publications worldwide for the best and most important vegan/AR stories -- we also write a few stories ourselves. As always, we are very thankful to our brilliant readers for their amazing tips and contributions which are so greatly appreciated.

Many of the stories we unearth are rarities not found on social media or mainstream news. Yet days later, you may notice, mainstream news may have picked up on the story. Why is that you wonder? That's because writers and bloggers watch our site for ideas -- and we are glad for that. That's why The Vegan Authority exists.

This month, as most months, brings sad and disturbing news concerning our animal friends and the world we live in. For those that missed them, these are the top stories for November.


World-renowned zoologist speaks out on the animal suffering at German Laboratory


SPAIN: More than 80% of egg-laying hens are still living in cages


Talking Tofurky: Vegan Thanksgiving’s Undeniable Influence On Today’s Plant-Based Foods


Gadhimai Festival, World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice Ritual, to Take Place Soon!


Eva Meijer: 'Of course animals speak. The thing is we don't listen'


GHANA: Embracing Veganism


Heritage Society honours Donald Watson Founder of Veganism


SOUTH KOREA: Authorities have killed 380,000 pigs in attempt to contain swine fever outbreak


Inside Cambodia's brutal dog meat trade, which claims millions of animals each year


Speciesist Pig-to-Human Organ Transplants Nearing Reality

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  10. Affirming the dignity of human and nonhuman beings

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