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May 15, 2020 - The Beet

New Study Finds Vegans Outperform Omnivores in Endurance Tests

New Study Finds Vegans Outperform Omnivores in Endurance Tests
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There is a popular misconception among athletes, trainers, coaches, and weekend warriors alike that a vegan diet is associated with low performance or being weak, and you have to eat meat to be strong. This wrong-headed notion has been repeated as a "common sense" reason that athletes and gym-goers give for why they're unwilling to ditch meat.

A new study out of Montreal proves that you don't need to eat meat to be an animal. So, before your meat-loving dad digs into his next steak and tells you it's to keep up his strength, show him this. It's scientifically safe to say: A vegan diet enhances athletic performance.

According to a new study by Montreal researchers, vegans have higher endurance levels than omnivores. The study from the Department of Exercise Science at the University of Québec, was conducted by a group of exercise scientists, who examined endurance and muscle strength differences between vegan and omnivore participants.

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