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October 14, 2020 - PETA

New PETA Billboard Sews Up the Case for Vegan Fashion

New PETA Billboard Sews Up the Case for Vegan Fashion
End Speciesism billboard by PETA in New York garment districtCredit: PETA

New York – PETA has just placed a billboard in the heart of the Garment District encouraging everyone to show respect to sensitive sheep, cows, and geese this winter by choosing animal-friendly fabrics and leaving wool, leather, and down on the racks.

The ad is part of PETA’s campaign challenging speciesism, the misguided belief that all other animal species are inferior to humans and that it’s therefore somehow acceptable to harm and exploit them and even take the fleece, skin, feathers, or fur off their backs—a human-supremacist notion that’s cut from the same cloth as other forms of prejudice.

“When it comes to feeling pain and fear and valuing their own lives, cows, sheep, and geese are just like you and me,” says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “PETA’s ads encourage everyone to reject speciesism by valuing animals for who they are as individuals—and keeping what belongs to them out of our closets.”

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