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June 25, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

New Delhi: India's first Vegan Conference

New Delhi: India's first Vegan Conference
Credit: Vegan India Conference (VIC)File Photo / © Photabulous!

The 4th World Vegan Organization (WVO) International Conference will be held in New Delhi this year, from July 6 to 7th. It aims to raise awareness about veganism and foster the growth of vegan lifestyles and alternative in the country.

VIC 2019 will offer participants the option of attending informative talks, lectures, in-depth workshops and demos by international and Indian industry experts and thought leaders in the plant-based movement.

It will also be a showcase for brands to showcase their products and services to a concentrated gathering of institutions from the hospital and trade industry, policy makers, impact investors and those in the food industry.

Speakers will include Dr. Susianto, Founder and President of WVO, Keegun Kuhn, Co-Director of the documentary film Cowspiracy, Kuntal Joisher, the first vegan to climb Mount Everest and Dr. Minilal, the CEO of PETA India.

WVO is an international independent vegan organization. Their mission is to bring health, peace and sustainability to the world through the daily practice of plant-based diets and a vegan lifestyle.

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